We're happy to announce that the European VAT Number Validation API has now been integrated into the vatlayer API.
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European VAT Rates & VAT Number Validation API

This page was created to introduce the vatlayer API, a free JSON-based REST API for instant VAT number validation, retrieving all or single EU VAT rates based on IP address or country code, converting prices in compliance with EU VAT rates and types, and more.


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Enter any EU VAT number using the right syntax: 2-letter ISO country code + VAT number, e.g. GB727255821



Making a request to the vatlayer API is easy. Simply append your API access key and the VAT number you would like to validate, like so:

   // "validate" endpoint
       ? access_key = YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
       & vat_number = VAT_NUMBER

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The API will now return a simple JSON file containing all sorts of useful information regarding the VAT number you provided:

     "valid": true,
     "format_valid": true,
     "query": "LU26375245",
     "country_code": "LU",
     "vat_number": "26375245",
     "company_name": "AMAZON EUROPE CORE S.A R.L.",
     "company_address": "5, RUE PLAETIS L-2338 LUXEMBOURG"